Saturday, August 18, 2007

sokwanele! ==

zvakwana... enough is enough!

News is that SADC has refused to challenge Robert Mugabe over the continuing crisis in Zimbabwe at their latest summit...

This is Zimbabwe from Sokwanele Citizen Action Group, and the Dignity! Period campaign, to raise awareness about the severe shortage of sanitary supplies available for women. There are care packages leaving from Chicago.

Zimbabwe: Crises in Climax, at

Water Shortage in southern Zimbabwe

Zim Police impounding food aid

Cry Beloved Zimbabwe

I will be including an ongoing section here about what organizing is taking place and how we can support it... stay tuned.

elvira arellano has left her one year sanctuary in Adalberto United Methodist Church here in Chicago and is headed to LA

more on her story

8/19 UPDATE: ARRESTED! Elvira was grabbed Sunday afternoon by ICE from a car transporting her between speaking stops at churches in LA. Full Story here

Next Steps: "Unity and Focus", Pueblo Sin Fronteras

Stop the Raids! Jobs with Justice Campaign

NPR recently had a story about 2 guys lobbying for funding for a "domestic peace corps"... unfortunately i can't find the link to an archive of the piece.

On the surface, it's a great idea, one a lot of people have been discussing-- see Kucinich's plan for a department of peace, or a myriad of community based groups looking to fund community builders and organizers in their own 'hoods.

We really should be focusing on programs that can promote systemic change--both through means and ends. By offering young folks (and others) opportunities to do community-based work, we give
local organizations the capacity to do more, and give ourselves a generation of engaged activists who will take an analysis of oppression and community empowerment wherever they go.

Check the latest on the total cost of the war --still spiraling out of control, estimates at National Priorities Project are nearly $455 Billion, money we could have spent on building 4 million homes or hiring 7.75 million teachers, or funding 4 year college scholarships for nearly 22 million students. (see National Priorities Project-- The War in Iraq Costs)


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