Thursday, September 28, 2006

Breuer for State Senate!!

I'm running my friend Dorian's campaign for State Senate in Illinois's first district, against corporate-owned politician Tony Munoz, head of one of TWO competing democratic organizations in the area. What a mess. We ran into members of the machine that's not in office right now, and they're all about creating alliances. But to what end? Is it really about issues? Or is it still about who gets to control jobs and promotions in the government?

Rumor has it that Munoz will be indicted soon for his involvement in the political hiring scandals that are rocking city hall and the state goverment right now.

Munoz-- he sits on committees that deal with environmental policies and alcohol legislation. Guess who are his biggest funders? How bout Midwest Generation-- the coal power plant a few blocks from our campaign office, that is fighting against community activists asking for them to clean up the stuff they emit into the air.

How about more alcohol distributors than i realized existed in Illinois? How bout developers and real estate organizations? Check out Munoz's list of funders, who have given him a whopping $363,000.

My candidate? We've got 1/100th of that.

45 days to go.


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