Sunday, July 23, 2006

democracy and blue bags...

so it's about time, the reader has done a pretty rad expose of the reasons behind the continued promotion of blue bags in the city's FAILED recycling program. Some of my favorite excerpts:

* the city uses yard waste to greatly increase the city's overall recycling numbers
* there is no enforcement for recycling for the majority of residences and business in the city
* mayor daley's BROTHER (surprised?) used to work for Allied Resources, who won the original contract for collecting recyclables and sorting blue bagged materials.

SEIU has been running kick ass trainings for local citizen activists thinking about running for alderman or getting involved in the local process.


there's a pivotal vote on Wednesday morning at City Hall regarding the Big Box Living Wage Ordinance. Walmart has apparently brought in 5 of their top execs to meet with aldermen, with proposals to build 10 supercenters in town: "Where do you want it?"

If Costco is able to give their workers a living wage and health insurance in the city, than so can Target, Walmart and other big box stores. It's that simple. This vote has implications nationwide. so call your alderperson. or, come downtown, the hearing is at 10 am.


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