Sunday, November 14, 2004

Small victories amid the fog of war

So I woke up to a radio report this morning about the fighting that continues in Fallujah. The US Military is claiming that is has killed or captured over 1000 resistance fighters, but still after 6 days have not "won" the city.

6 days. The Red Crescent says they have sent an envoy to Fallujah to give much needed food, water and medical treatment to civilians caught in the city. They have not been allowed through. See 'Catastrophic conditions' in Falluja

6 days for families hiding in their homes, 6 days without food, water, treatment more than home made bandages.

6 daysfor women and children, to be separated from their military-age male loved ones because they are feared to be part of the resistance.


6 days,nowentering 7 or 8, what will be the real cost to this city? What are the real counts of casualties? How many people will die because they are Iraqi? Check out this link for more accurate counts on the war:
Fallujah & the Reality of War: Destroying a City to Save It

The US Military also issued a warning last week to reporters, most of whom of course are embedded with different regiments of the army, marines, etc, not to talk about the insurgents as resistance fighters. What a great media spin.

From a non-embedded reporter: Dahr Jamail

From Democracy Now: Iraqi Gov't Warns Journalists About Coverage

The interim Iraqi government is also threatening media outlets in Iraq to be careful on how it describes members of the Iraqi resistance and how it describes military operations carried out by the U.S and interim Iraqi government. The government said reporters must differentiate between, "innocent citizens of Fallujah who are not targeted by the military operations and between the terrorist groups who infiltrated the city and took its people hostage under the pretext of resistance and jihad." Iraq's Media High Commission also told news organizations they must provide space to explain "the government position" and journalists have been warned not to add patriotic descriptions to me mbers of the Iraqi resistance. Journalists were told to underscore that "these military operations did not come about until all peaceful means were attempted." It is unclear what will happen to news organizations that break the new guidelines. The commission said that failure to follow the instructions will require authorities to "take all necessary measures to safeguard the supreme interest of the homeland."

I did say something about small victories.

Cynthia won...

Exciting New Feminist Legislators to watch: See

Progressive Ballot Initiatives, like Living Wage referendums, passed in some places:
Check it!

This morning I read an appeal for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development's annual collection next Sunday, talking about my experiences working with Organization of the Northeast,fighting gentrification in our neighborhoods. I was pleasantly surprised to be seconded by Father Jim in an impassioned appeal to support groups like ONE fighting "greed and displacement" in our communities.

Looking for hope.

Voices in the Wilderness, live journal from Iraq

A Legitimate Recount Effort in Ohio

Public Hearings have been called for in Ohio.
Statewide Actions Today, November 13: See

Reasons for Hope, by Ruth Conniff


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