Monday, November 01, 2004

7 Hours left!

Regime Change begins at home.

Too many innocent people have died
Too much indifference, injustice and lies
Time to stand up be a voice, a new way
Enter our lives and dawn a new day
of democracy, where every vote gets counted!
Where we gain the power, the mandate we've mounted

Runs COUNTER to pain,
Runs COUNTER to blame
Runs COUNTER to saying, "this is the only way"
Runs COUNTER to murder and genocide

and straight for HOPE! HOME! PATIENCE! RESPECT!
no more blinders and one-liners! no more neglect
of our allies & our responsibilities
in the world, of our histories & abilities
to see ourselves
as partners,
changers, planters
community builders

We need forgiveness.

From ourselves,
from the world.

And for starters, let's ACT.

Raise Our Voices together!

Tomorrow we take out of our back pockets
Our finest in civil (dis)obedience, actions--
speak louder than words--
and send a certain Bush packin
back to the ranch

and we get back
to buildin a better world
not some "free world" supremacy
where we're all free to think, choose, be

ourselves, our needs are

yours, our thoughts are

with you, our voices are

stronger in unison, our dreams are

better together.


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