Wednesday, November 03, 2004

T+ 24 Hours

I've still got hope.

Though I witnessed a day of people voting for the first time, election judges not sure of which form to fill out and what IDs they could accept from who, I'm done with this exclusive democracy we have.

Thrilled combined with devastated:
Audacious Hope from new Senator Obama, & the tons and tons of new voters who raised their voices today.

The precinct I worked had 87% turnout of folks on their roles, and nationally 4.6 Million More Young People Cast Votes Than in 2000, sending youth turnout up by 9.3 %.

Shattering Let down Weakness from Kerry-Edwards. Though if the election was only folks under 30, Kerry would have won in a landslide.

Check out these breakdowns of the electorate

If we are to fight for the rights of all americans to vote, why make it so goddam difficult? And why predict results, concede victory before all the ballots have been counted, before we know about all the irregularities that happened on election day?

From green jacket clad republicans in Wisconsin trying to dissuade the citizen children of undocumented families from voting (the INS wears the same colors), to

Older women in Florida bein told they have until November 16th to vote, so no need to hurry and go on the 2nd.

From disenfranchisement of students and young people here in Chicago because of challenges to their registration and residency, to

Native Americans in South Dakota not bein given the right to vote, to

Intimidation and voter disenfranchisement happening all over Ohio. 150,000 PROVISIONAL BALLOTS CAST! How many more might voted had the lines not been as long? Had the process been less discouraging?


The Swing State.

The State a microcosm of the pulse of the nation.

Now, a president with a "mandate,"
with a "clear majority," say the pundits,
full of hope for the future, says Bush,

will gamble

with my and my family's and my community's and my children's

and my children's children's


Oh the Audacity of Hope.


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