Wednesday, February 15, 2006

2 weeks from 1 year to go...

that's right... almost time to get geared up for another Chicago election!

February 27, 2007: the mayor and all 50 city ward seats are up for election. So, to get ready, this site's gonna undergo a few minor changes, hopefully with a specific focus to local democracy building and campaigns over the next year, with writers and people not so often available in the mainstream. So stay tuned. Until then, check these out:

"Dueling Dynasties: With Chicago's Mayor Daley Embroiled in Scandal, Jesse Jackson Jr. Eyes the 2007 Race," by Ethan Michaeli, in In These Times

Barack Obama has announced a new bill to create an independent commission to play watchdog to campaign finance issues. See the details here, or Obama's explanation here.

Congress last week, by 2 votes, passed the reconciliation bill that includes MASSIVE CUTS to student funding for college. this is a horrible thing. we will be organizing during the house election races this fall. if you voted against us, we know who you are. See more info at

And finally, and it's about time, my alma mater is making some good strides in building a better relationship with the Woodlawn neighborhood. Check "Due South," a great article from the alumni magazine.


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